Airport codes Malacca Airport

IATA Metropolitan Code


World Area Code


Airport coordinates

Lat / Lon

2°15'48"N / 102°15'7"E


2.26336, 102.25200


35ft / 10.67m

Magnetic variation

0.006 degrees

About Malacca Airport

Malacca Airport (MKZ) is located in the municipality of Malacca in Malaysia, Asia. It's a medium airport in Malaysia based in the region Melaka. There is no scheduled passenger service.

Runway information

MKZ has one lighted 7,005 ft long runway.

Name Length Width Surface Lighted
03-21 7,005 ft 148 ft Asphalt Yes

Geographic data













Malacca Airport

Other airports in Malaysia

ICAO IATA Name Type Municipality
WBGZ BBN Bario Airport Medium airport Bario
WBGB BTU Bintulu Airport Medium airport Bintulu
WMKB BWH Butterworth Airport Medium airport Butterworth
WMKE KTE Kerteh Airport Medium airport Kerteh
WMAP N/A Kluang Airport Medium airport Kluang
WBKK BKI Kota Kinabalu International Airport Medium airport Kota Kinabalu
WMKK KUL Kuala Lumpur International Airport Large airport Kuala Lumpur
WMKD KUA Kuantan Airport Medium airport Kuantan
WBGG KCH Kuching International Airport Medium airport Kuching
WBKL LBU Labuan Airport Medium airport Labuan

Taxi Malacca Airport

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Flight delayed, cancelled, overbooked or strikes at MKZ?

Claim your compensation

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