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ICAO IATA Name Type Municipality Country
EHDS Aero Club Salland Small airport Lemelerveld Netherlands
EHMC Air Operations Control Station Nieuw Milligen Heliport Nieuw Milligen Netherlands
EHAL Ameland Airfield Small airport Ameland Netherlands
EHAM AMS Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Large airport Amsterdam The Netherlands
EHHA Amsterdam Heliport Heliport Amsterdam Netherlands
EH58 Brunssum Joint Force Command Heliport Heliport Brunssum Netherlands
EHBD Budel Airport Medium airport Weert The Netherlands
EHHW Buitengaats / BG-OHVS2 Heliport Netherlands
EHKD DHR De Kooy Airport Medium airport Den Helder The Netherlands
EHDP De Peel Air Base Medium airport Venray The Netherlands
EHDL Deelen Air Base Medium airport Arnhem The Netherlands
EHDR Drachten Airport Small airport Drachten Netherlands
EHGG GRQ Groningen Airport Eelde Medium airport Groningen The Netherlands
EHEH EIN Eindhoven Airport Large airport Eindhoven The Netherlands
EHGR GLZ Gilze Rijen Air Base Medium airport Breda The Netherlands
EHHV Hilversum Airfield Small airport Hilversum Netherlands
EHHO Hoogeveen Airfield Small airport Hoogeveen Netherlands
EHYP IJmuiden Heliport Heliport IJmuiden Netherlands
EHLW LWR Leeuwarden Air Base Medium airport Leeuwarden The Netherlands
EHLE LEY Lelystad Airport Medium airport Lelystad The Netherlands
EHBK MST Maastricht Aachen Airport Medium airport Maastricht The Netherlands
EHTP Maasvlakte Heliport Heliport Rotterdam Netherlands
EHMZ Midden-Zeeland Airport Small airport Middelburg Netherlands
EHOW Oostwold Airfield Small airport Netherlands
EHRD RTM Rotterdam The Hague Airport Medium airport Rotterdam The Netherlands
EHSE Seppe Airfield Small airport Hoeven Netherlands
EHST Stadskanaal Airfield Small airport Stadskanaal Netherlands
EHTL Terlet Glider Field Small airport Terlet Netherlands
EHTE Teuge Airport Small airport Deventer Netherlands
EHTX Texel Airfield Small airport Texel Netherlands
EHTW ENS Twente Airport Medium airport Enschede The Netherlands
EHND Vliegveld Numansdorp Small airport Numansdorp Netherlands
EHVL Vlieland Heliport Heliport Vlieland Netherlands
EHVK Volkel Air Base Medium airport Uden The Netherlands
EHWO WOE Woensdrecht Air Base Medium airport Bergen Op Zoom The Netherlands