Airport and aviation gifts

Top 10 airport & aviation gifts

Are you looking for a unique airport or aviation gift? We have made a list of the top 10 most original gifts for travel, airport and aviation enthusiasts all around the world. These gifts can all be ordered online. Some of these gifts are also for sale at an airport gift shop near you.

1. Personalised luggage tag

Personalised luggage tags

Create your own personalized luggage tag. Choose from more than 100 themes and customize it yourself. You can put your favourite airport code, your favourite quote, or the number of countries you have visited on your luggage tag. You can also add the name of yourself, family and friends to distinguish your bags. Very original, fun and value for money.

2. Aviation themed poster

Aviation themed posters

Do you like unique posters and aviation? Then an aviation-themed poster is perfect for you. There are posters available in different aviation categories, so it’s impossible not to find the right poster for you. Discover the wide selection of aviation posters now!

3. Unique backpack

Unique aviation backpacks

Are you looking for a unique backpack that you can use when travelling, at school or in any other environment where a backpack is useful? These handy, lightweight backpacks with many compartments are the ideal backpack. And besides, they are available in many different unique designs, so we’re sure that you will find the perfect backpack.

4. Aviation themed laundry bag

Aviation themed laundry bag

Buy a unique laundry bag to store the dirty laundry in during your vacation. Your unique laundry bag will put a smile on everyone's face. With this unique laundry bag, doing laundry is no longer a nuisance.

5. Personalised passport cover

Unique passport covers

You know that when you are getting ready to fly to your next destination, you always need your passport. But a passport is eventually nothing more dan a boring necessary need. But it doesn't have to be boring anymore! Brighten up your passport with a unique passport cover. This is how you create a unique copy of your boring passport.

6. Aviation themed beach towel

Aviation themed beach towels

Beach towels are very convenient. You can use a beach towel during your trip to the beach or at the swimming pool. Most of the beach towels are pretty dull and standard. But not anymore! With an aviation beach towel, you get a unique beach towel.

You can choose from many different aviation designs, and you can even personalize them so that your beach towel is genuinely unique. Beach towels are available in different sizes and colours. Choose a beach towel that suits you!

7. Unique phone case

Unique aviation themed phone cases

Do you need a new phone case to protect your phone during your trip? Think about the most memorable trip in your life and create your own phone case for an iPhone, Samsung or another mobile phone. Keep your memory’s alive with a personalised phone case of that one trip you can’t stop thinking about.

In addition to the phone cases that you can personalise, there is also a wide selection from many different, unique aviation phone cases. Make your phone unique!

8. Aviation themed tote bag

Aviation themed tote bags

Travel-inspired tote bags, come in 3 sizes, and with the adjustable strap option. Ideal for travellers, frequent flyers and aviation enthusiasts. The tote bags are all durable, yet lightweight and hand-sewn in America with double stitched to improve durability. Get your unique tote bag today!

9. Unique aviation wallet

Unique aviation wallets

It is always handy to have a functional wallet with you on a foreign trip. This smart wallet features plenty of pockets to have everything organized and ready for you to travel in a snap. These wallets are specially designed to exceed your current wallet. 

Travelling requires organization, so these wallets are perfect for storing different currencies, passports, insurance details and more. Check out these handy wallets and be amazed how much you need one.

10. Unique sleep mask

Unique sleeping mask

It’s time to get a good solid night of sleep whether you’re at home or on a plane - even if it’s not a red-eye flight! No more using towels or t-shirts to cover your eyes! Be fully rested when you arrive at your destination. If you got a solid sleep in the aeroplane or a hotel, you can start your trip without the urge to sleep.

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