Top 10 funniest airport codes in the world

Top 10 funniest airport codes in the world

Funny airport codes can be found on airline tickets and luggage tags. These abbreviations are unique airport codes of airports all over the world. The codes have three characters and are assigned by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The codes are also called IATA codes. These codes are used in the aviation world for logistical reasons. They also easily identify a specific airport with a simple shortcode. There are also some IATA identification codes that are quite special. We have listed our top 10 below;

Top 10 funny airport codes

Funny airport code gifts and souvenirs

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5 other funny airport code facts

Funny airport codes in other languages

Of Course, there are more funny airport codes in other languages. Also some strange airport codes. We have more than 47.000 airport codes in our database. Check them out with our airport code search engine and have some fun with it. If you like to share your favourite codes please visit our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page.