Short runway

Top 5 shortest runways in the world

We created a list of the 5 shortest commercial runways in the world measured in metres. Most commercial airports requires a paved runway of at least 2011 metres (6000ft). Because of the short runways, large aircraft cannot land at these airports.

Airport Country Runway length IATA ICAO
1 Saba Airport Caribbean 400 metres (1312ft) SAB TNCS
2 Tenzing-Hillary Airport Nepal 457 metres (1500ft) 26 10
3 Courchevel Airport France 518 metres (1,700ft) CVF LFLJ
4 Toncontín Airport Honduras 2011 metres (6601ft) 61 10
5 Princess Juliana International Airport Saint-Martin 2334 metres (7659ft) SXM TNCM