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Largest airports in Colombia

There are 1 large airports in Colombia.

Find all airports in Colombia

ICAO IATA Name Type Municipality
SKBO BOG El Dorado International Airport Large airport Bogota

Airport codes in Colombia

Find all airports in Colombia

ICAO IATA Name Type Municipality
SKOC OCV Aguas Claras Airport Medium airport Ocaña
SKCL CLO Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport Medium airport Cali
SKVP VUP Alfonso López Pumarejo Airport Medium airport Valledupar
SKLT LET Alfredo Vásquez Cobo International Airport Medium airport Leticia
SKRH RCH Almirante Padilla Airport Medium airport Riohacha
SKPS PSO Antonio Narino Airport Medium airport Pasto
SKLC APO Antonio Roldan Betancourt Airport Medium airport Carepa
SKMG MGN Baracoa Airport Medium airport Magangué
SKNV NVA Benito Salas Airport Medium airport Neiva
SKCC CUC Camilo Daza International Airport Medium airport Cúcuta
SKCV CVE Coveñas Airport Medium airport Coveñas
SKSV SVI Eduardo Falla Solano Airport Medium airport San Vicente Del Caguán
SKEB EBG El Bagre Airport Medium airport El Bagre
SKUI UIB El Caraño Airport Medium airport Quibdó
SKBO BOG El Dorado International Airport Large airport Bogota
SKAR AXM El Eden Airport Medium airport Armenia
SKPV PVA El Embrujo Airport Medium airport Providencia
SKYP EYP El Yopal Airport Medium airport El Yopal
SKMD EOH Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport Medium airport Medellín
SKBQ BAQ Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport Medium airport Barranquilla
SKMU MVP Fabio Alberto Leon Bentley Airport Medium airport Mitú
SKBU BUN Gerardo Tobar López Airport Medium airport Buenaventura
SKPQ PAL German Olano Air Base Medium airport La Dorada
SKPC PCR German Olano Airport Medium airport Puerto Carreño
SKAP API Gomez Nino Apiay Air Base Medium airport Apiay
SKPP PPN Guillermo León Valencia Airport Medium airport Popayán
SKFL FLA Gustavo Artunduaga Paredes Airport Medium airport Florencia
SKSP ADZ Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport Medium airport San Andrés
SKTM TME Gustavo Vargas Airport Medium airport Tame
SKUL ULQ Heriberto Gíl Martínez Airport Medium airport Tuluá
SKSJ SJE Jorge E. Gonzalez Torres Airport Medium airport San José Del Guaviare
SKLM MCJ Jorge Isaac Airport Medium airport La Mina-Maicao
SKBS BSC José Celestino Mutis Airport Medium airport Bahía Solano
SKRG MDE Jose Maria Córdova International Airport Medium airport Medellín
SKGP GPI Juan Casiano Airport Medium airport Guapi
SKCU CAQ Juan H White Airport Medium airport Caucasia
SKCO TCO La Florida Airport Medium airport Tumaco
SKMZ MZL La Nubia Airport Medium airport Manizales
SKCZ CZU Las Brujas Airport Medium airport Corozal
SKBC ELB Las Flores Airport Medium airport El Banco
SKMR MTR Los Garzones Airport Medium airport Montería
SKUA Marandúa Air Base Medium airport Marandúa
SKQU MQU Mariquita Airport Medium airport Mariquita
SKPE PEI Matecaña International Airport Medium airport Pereira
SKPD PDA Obando Airport Medium airport Puerto Inírida
SKBG BGA Palonegro Airport Medium airport Bucaramanga
SKPZ PZA Paz De Ariporo Airport Medium airport Paz De Ariporo
SKIB IBE Perales Airport Medium airport Ibagué
SKPI PTX Pitalito Airport Medium airport Pitalito
SKCG CTG Rafael Nuñez International Airport Medium airport Cartagena
SKIP IPI San Luis Airport Medium airport Ipiales
SKGO CRC Santa Ana Airport Medium airport Cartago
SKUC AUC Santiago Perez Airport Medium airport Arauca
SKGI GIR Santiago Vila Airport Medium airport Girardot
SKSM SMR Simón Bolívar International Airport Medium airport Santa Marta
SKAS PUU Tres De Mayo Airport Medium airport Puerto Asís
SKTQ TQS Tres Esquinas Air Base Medium airport Tres Esquinas
SKTJ Tunja Airport Medium airport Tunja
SKVV VVC Vanguardia Airport Medium airport Villavicencio
SKEJ EJA Yariguíes Airport Medium airport Barrancabermeja

About Colombia

Colombia (native name: Colombia) is a country located in South America. In total, the population of the country reaches 50.9 million inhabitants. Its capital is Bogotá.

The international country code of Colombia is CO or COL. Neighbouring countries are Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.

The common language in Colombia is Spanish(Español).
The only officially used currency is Colombian peso. If you want to exchange money, check the current value of the Colombian peso with the value of your local currency at the money exchange office.

There are 1 large, 59 medium and about 78 small airports in Colombia.

Travel to Colombia


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No vaccinations are required.

Tap water

Unknown tap water status.


The historical average temperature lies between 0°C () and 0°C ().


When travelling abroad keep in mind that the response times and services available on the other end of the call may be different than those in your own country.

In case of an emergency the number for police, ambulance or fire department is 123.

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