Country codes Kazakhstan

ISO 3166-1 2 letter


ISO 3166-1 3 letter


Internet TLD

.kz, .қаз

Phone calling code

76, 77

Large airports


Medium airports


Small airports




Total airports


Largest airports in Kazakhstan

There are 3 large airports in Kazakhstan.

Find all airports in Kazakhstan

ICAO IATA Name Type Municipality
UAAA ALA Almaty Airport Large airport Almaty
UACC TSE Astana International Airport Large airport Astana
UAKK KGF Sary-Arka Airport Large airport Karaganda

Airport codes in Kazakhstan

Find all airports in Kazakhstan

ICAO IATA Name Type Municipality
UATE SCO Aktau Airport Medium airport Aktau
UATT AKX Aktobe Airport Medium airport Aktyubinsk
UAAA ALA Almaty Airport Large airport Almaty
UACC TSE Astana International Airport Large airport Astana
UATG GUW Atyrau Airport Medium airport Atyrau
UASA Ayaguz Airport Medium airport Ayaguz
UAAH BXH Balkhash Airport Medium airport Balkhash
UATR Chelkar Airport Medium airport Chelkar
UASB EKB Ekibastuz Airport Medium airport Ekibastuz
UACK KOV Kokshetau Airport Medium airport Kokshetau
UAUU KSN Kostanay West Airport Medium airport Kostanay
UAOL BXY Krainiy Airport Medium airport Baikonur
UASP PWQ Pavlodar Airport Medium airport Pavlodar
UACP PPK Petropavlosk South Airport Medium airport Petropavlosk
UAKK KGF Sary-Arka Airport Large airport Karaganda
UASS PLX Semipalatinsk Airport Medium airport Semey
UAII CIT Shymkent Airport Medium airport Shymkent
UAAT TDK Taldykorgan Airport Medium airport Taldy Kurgan
UADD DMB Taraz Airport Medium airport Taraz
UARR URA Uralsk Airport Medium airport Uralsk
UASK UKK Ust-Kamennogorsk Airport Medium airport Ust Kamenogorsk
UAON Yubileyniy Airfield Medium airport Baikonur
UAKD DZN Zhezkazgan Airport Medium airport Zhezkazgan

About Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan (native name: Қазақстан) is a country located in Central Asia. In total, the population of the country reaches 18.8 million inhabitants. Its capital is Nur-Sultan.

The international country code of Kazakhstan is KZ or KAZ. Neighbouring countries are China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

The common languages in Kazakhstan are Kazakh(қазақ тілі) and Russian(Русский).
The only officially used currency is Kazakhstani tenge. If you want to exchange money, check the current value of the Kazakhstani tenge with the value of your local currency at the money exchange office.

There are 3 large, 20 medium and about 13 small airports in Kazakhstan.

Travel to Kazakhstan


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No vaccinations are required.

Tap water

Unknown tap water status.


Kazakhstan is a large country, temperatures can vary greatly


When travelling abroad keep in mind that the response times and services available on the other end of the call may be different than those in your own country.

112 (EU)

In case of an emergency, the number for local police, ambulance or fire station is 112. Dialling 112 could be a life-saver and is completely free. In most EU countries, the operator will speak both the local language and English. If you want to call the emergency number from a mobile phone, your phone will probably have a pre-programmed list of emergency numbers. 112 is usually in addition to other emergency numbers like 911.

The emergency number is in effect in every country of the European Union. There are also some other European and Non-European countries where you can dial 112 in case of an emergency.

You can dial 112 from any mobile phone, landline, or payphone. In some countries, 112 is the only emergency number, in other countries 112 is in addition to local emergency numbers. In countries where 112 is not an official emergency number, the call is sometimes forwarded to the local emergency number.

Do you want to call the emergency number via a fixed telephone connection, the address of the connection is automatically communicated to the alarm centre. If you’re calling with a mobile phone, the location of the GSM mast will communicate your location and in some cases also the GPS location of your mobile phone to the alarm centre.

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