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Largest airports in Pakistan

There are 2 large airports in Pakistan.

Find all airports in Pakistan

ICAO IATA Name Type Municipality
OPIS ISB New Islamabad International Airport Large airport Islamabad
OPST SKT Sialkot Airport Large airport Sialkot

Airport codes in Pakistan

Find all airports in Pakistan

ICAO IATA Name Type Municipality
OPLA LHE Alama Iqbal International Airport Medium airport Lahore
OPBW BHV Bahawalpur Airport Medium airport Bahawalpur
OPRN Benazir Bhutto International Airport Medium airport Islamabad
OPCH CJL Chitral Airport Medium airport Chitral
OPDG DEA Dera Ghazi Khan Airport Medium airport Dera Ghazi Khan
OPDI DSK Dera Ismael Khan Airport Medium airport Dera Ismael Khan
OPSF Faisal Air Base Medium airport Karachi
OPFA LYP Faisalabad International Airport Medium airport Faisalabad
OPGT GIL Gilgit Airport Medium airport Gilgit
OPGD GWD Gwadar International Airport Medium airport Gwadar
OPKC KHI Jinnah International Airport Medium airport Karachi
OPMA XJM Mangla Airport Medium airport Mangla
OPMR Masroor Air Base Medium airport Karachi
OPMI MWD Mianwali Air Base Medium airport Mianwali
OPMS ATG Minhas Air Base Medium airport Kamra
OPMJ MJD Moenjodaro Airport Medium airport Moenjodaro
OPMT MUX Multan International Airport Medium airport Multan
OPSR SGI Mushaf Air Base Medium airport Sargodha
OPMF MFG Muzaffarabad Airport Medium airport Muzaffarabad
OPIS ISB New Islamabad International Airport Large airport Islamabad
OPPG PJG Panjgur Airport Medium airport Panjgur
OPPI PSI Pasni Airport Medium airport Pasni
OPPS PEW Peshawar International Airport Medium airport Peshawar
OPQT UET Quetta International Airport Medium airport Quetta
OPRQ Rafiqui Air Base Medium airport Shorkot
OPRT RAZ Rawalakot Airport Medium airport Rawalakot
OPRS Risalpur Air Base Medium airport Risalpur
OPSS SDT Saidu Sharif Airport Medium airport Saidu Sharif
OPSN SYW Sehwan Sharif Airport Medium airport Sehwan Sharif
OPJA JAG Shahbaz Air Base Medium airport Jacobabad
OPNH WNS Shaheed Benazirabad Airport Medium airport Nawabashah
OPRK RYK Shaikh Zaid Airport Medium airport Rahim Yar Khan
OPST SKT Sialkot Airport Large airport Sialkot
OPSD KDU Skardu Airport Medium airport Skardu
OPSU SUL Sui Airport Medium airport Sui
OPSK SKZ Sukkur Airport Medium airport Mirpur Khas
OPTU TUK Turbat International Airport Medium airport Turbat
OPLH Walton Airport Medium airport Walton
OPZB PZH Zhob Airport Medium airport Fort Sandeman

About Pakistan

Pakistan (native name: Pakistan) is a country located in Southern Asia. In total, the population of the country reaches 220.9 million inhabitants. Its capital is Islamabad.

The international country code of Pakistan is PK or PAK. Neighbouring countries are Afghanistan, China, India and Iran.

The common languages in Pakistan are Urdu(اردو) and English(English).
The only officially used currency is Pakistani rupee. If you want to exchange money, check the current value of the Pakistani rupee with the value of your local currency at the money exchange office.

There are 2 large, 37 medium and about 64 small airports in Pakistan.

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No vaccinations are required.

Tap water

Unknown tap water status.


The historical average temperature lies between 0°C () and 0°C ().


When travelling abroad keep in mind that the response times and services available on the other end of the call may be different than those in your own country.

115 and 1122
Fire departmemt

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